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We are currently taking orders for our 100% grass-fed, Angus beef.

Below are the products you can purchase online. We do not ship at this time, but you can elect to pick up from our on-farm store, from farmers' markets in Elkader or Dubuque, Iowa, or have us deliver to you. Fees depend on the delivery location. We are currently looking into our options for shipping frozen meat and hope to have that up and running by spring 2021.

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We have upcoming appointments for processing beef on the following dates:
May 11th 2022

June 13th 2022
We are taking quarter and half beef orders now, get yours in today!

What Cuts Can I Order?

CHUCK 1. Chuck Eye Roast, Boneless 2. Top Blade Steak, Boneless 3. Arm Pot Roast 4. Shoulder Pot Roast, Boneless 5. Mock Tender Roast 6. Blade Roast 7. Under Blade Pot Roast 8. 7-Bone Pot Roast 9. Short Ribs Flanken-Style Ribs Cross Rib Pot Roast
RIB 1. Rib Roast, Large End 2. Rib Roast, Small End 3. Rib Steak, Small End 4. Rib Eye Steak 5. Rib Eye Roast 6. Back Ribs
SHORT LOIN 1. Top Loin Steak – Boneless 2. T-Bone Steak 3. Porterhouse Steak 4. Tenderloin Roast/Steak
SIRLOIN 1. Top Sirloin Steak 2. Sirloin Steak 3. Tenderloin Roast/Steak 4. Beef Tri-Tip
ROUND 1. Round Steak 2. Top Round Roast 3. Bottom Round Roast 4. Tip Roast Cap Off 5. Eye Round Roast 6. Tip Steak 7. Boneless Rump Roast
FLANK 1. Flank Steak 2. Flank Steak Rolls
PLATE 1. Skirt Steak
SHANK 1. Shank Cross Cut
BRISKET 1. Whole Brisket 2. Brisket – Point Half – Corned 3. Brisket – Flat Half

Below are the cuts we offer for sale on our farm and at farmers' market. Because weights of these items vary, please call or send a message. We will get your order together and give you a price.


Chuck $8/lb | Rump $9/lb | Sirloin Tip $9/lb


T-Bone $17/lb | Rib $17/lb | Top Sirloin $13/lb | Skirt $11/lb | Tenderized Round $8/lb

Short Ribs


Ground Beef


Beef Sticks



Plain |  Onion & Garlic | Jalapeño & Hot Pepper Cheese



Tongue | Heart | Liver

How We Process Our Grass-Fed Beef

For more information on pricing and processing click here!

Pricing and Processing

Grass-Fed Beef Prices

A Word From Our Past Customers

The McGreal Family Farm beef is like nothing I have ever been able to find in the supermarket. It has a unique flavor and texture. I feel good buying the beef products that came from cows who were allowed to free range on a healthy natural diet of grass.

Jennifer B.

It is the best tasting meat we have ever had and will definitely buy more once we go through what we bought!

Julie S.

They were great to work with and very reasonable about delivery and cost! Very family friendly, you can tell they are happy to share their farm with your family!

Anna L.

Flavorful, tender, delicious experience.

Julie & Chris G.

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