Bulk 1/2 Cow Deposit

$ 100.00

One side of 100% grass-fed and finished Angus beef raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Price is deposit only, final payment is by hanging weight.


A 1/2, or side, of beef is 200-220 lbs of meat for your freezer.  This will take up 5-6 cu. ft. of freezer space.  With this size order you get to choose how you want your beef cut and wrapped.  You can get our standard processing which gives you a great selection of steaks, roasts and ground beef as well as short ribs, soup bones and more.  You can also modify this as much as you like- don’t want roasts?  We can make more ground beef.  Want some summer sausage or beef sticks?  No problem.

You fill your freezer with an amazing selection of 100% grass-fed and finished Angus beef for less than $6.50/lb.  That includes everything from ground beef to tenderloin, from ribeyes to chuck roast to brisket and more.  All this at your fingertips and straight from the farm where you know your farmers.