Our Story

McGreal Family Farm is a small farm business located in rural Clayton county in Northeast Iowa. Although the McGreal's have been farming in the area since the 1970's, this business was created in 2018 and is run by Jacob McGreal. He partners with his parents Peter and Kristi to produce and market 100% grass-fed and finished beef while also raising pastured pork, producing maple syrup, fruit preserves and more.

After some time away from the farm, living a city life and working a number of interesting jobs, Jacob found his way back to Iowa in 2018 and decided to take a leap by opening a business.  With help from his parents Peter and Kristi and his friend Lara Mangialardi, McGreal Family Farm was created.  It is a business built to provide our friends and customers an opportunity to connect with their farmer and the source of their food, and to provide them with the high-quality food that we know best.

Jacob McGreal

Jacob is a Clayton County, Iowa native who grew up on his family’s cattle ranch.  Here, his parents, Peter and Kristi McGreal, have been raising beef cattle in a cow-calf operation for 30+ years.  Jacob is the eldest son in his family.  After graduating from Loras College in 2013 with a degree in engineering, he spent some years working in office jobs.  This ultimately wasn’t fulfilling and Jacob moved on, trying some different things including about two years spent as a field staff in a wilderness therapy program in Utah.  During this time Jacob discovered a love for travel and rediscovered a love of the outdoors.  After moving back to Iowa in 2018, an opportunity to farm on his Grandparent’s 40 acre farm appeared.  Since then, Jacob has been learning and growing into this farm business and striving to build something new while drawing from all of the experience and wisdom of his family.  His hobbies include: climbing rocks and mountains, picking locks, riding his motorcycle across the US and building anything he can think of.

Our customers are what drive us.

McGreal Family Farm is focused on providing the best product we can for our customers and our neighbors.  We value our local connections, partnering with other local small businesses and attending farmers’ markets year round, as well as offering our products at select locations in eastern Iowa and directly off the farm.  Our business has been built on direct marketing and on the reputation for quality in what we have to offer.

Happy Cows and Happy Farmers

Our cattle are raised on Pete and Kristi McGreal’s land just down the road. They have been grass-fed and pastured their entire lives, grazing on plants such as alfalfa, red clover, orchard grass, tall fescue, brome grass and ladino clovers. Our beloved cattle have access to a shed during cold winter months and we provide them with high-quality hay, made by us, when there isn’t any fresh green grass on the ground.  We do not give our cattle any hormones to make them grow faster and we do not administer antibiotics except in very rare circumstances.  Our cows and calves are generally very healthy and hardy, due in no small part to the environment in which they roam.

A McGreal Family Tradition

Our property rests on 40 acres of land that includes a tree farm with hiking trails, a pond, a natural spring, some pasture and lots of garden space.  This farm has been in the McGreal family for three generations. Long before the McGreal’s came to know this land, it belonged to the Sioux, Wahpeton, Sauk & Meskwaki tribes.

Find Our Farm

Where We Are:
We are seated in the rural rolling hills of the Northeast Iowa “Driftless” Region, 54 miles from Dubuque and 65 miles from Cedar Rapids.

20447 Elm Road Strawberry Point, IA 52076