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Grass-Fed Beef Cuts

Below are the cuts we offer on our farm and at at Farmer’s Market. Check for farmers’ market information on our homepage.

Sirloin Tip————–$9/lb

Rib———————– $15/lb
Top Sirloin————-$13/lb
Tenderized Round—$8/lb

Short Ribs————-$5/lb


Ground Beef———$6/lb

Beef Sticks———–$10/lb
(Flavors: Plain, Onion and Garlic, Jalapeño and Hot Pepper Cheese)

Soup Bones———–$5/lb

Offal——————— $4/lb
(Tongue, Heart, Liver)

All products are packed for resale at Quillin’s Food Ranch in Waukon, Northeast Iowa. For ultimate quality and food safety, all meat is state inspected through the state of Iowa at time of processing. Our meat is always vacuum sealed for ultimate preservation and presentation. All prices listed are per pound. Individual weights of products will vary.

Want to Buy in Bulk?

Quarters, Halves or Whole Beef!
Buy a month’s supply of meat for 1-2 people. Pick up from our farm or at Dubuque Farmer’s Market.

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