McGreal Family Farm is a small farm business rooted in Clayton County, Northeast Iowa. We specialize in 100% grass-fed beef, while also producing vegetables, herbs, maple syrup, fruit preserves and handmade jewelry.

Our Mission:
Here at McGreal Family Farm, our main goal is to provide quality food to the people around us. We try our best to use sustainable practices to give Mother Nature the love she deserves.



How did we get here?
We decided to get involved in farming because we love the land, outdoors and—of course—the community. We are experimenters with big hearts dedicated to connecting back to our Midwestern roots and providing the Northeast Iowa community a healthy lifestyle via our products. We love getting our hands and knees dirty and the idea of working with nature versus against it.


There’s a reason we have “family” in our farm name
Family is our greatest support system. We are fortunate enough to have a large family with an abundance of resources in the area. We wouldn’t be here without help from our family, which is why we went with a family farm name.